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HAVEN Vancouver – Blood Alley – CLOSED

Roughly four Years ago we opened the doors to our HAVEN Vancouver location in the seedy, quite backstreets of Blood Alley in Gastown. Being the sole retail entity in Gaoler’s Mews we took a tremendous risk, with our first neighbors being the Crackheads and Bums that roamed the alleyway.  As time went on the area gentrified tremendously with new shops and restaurants opening up following our lead. The time has come to close the doors to 7 Gaoler’s Mews – Blood Alley, but that doesn’t mean we’re gone.  We are very excited to present the next chapter of HAVEN Vancouver with the opening of a much larger and much more improved HAVEN Vancouver opening in 2014. In the meantime while construction is being completed on our new space, please visit us at our temporary Pop up location just a couple blocks away at 157 Water Street – BSMT.

Here’s a couple parting photos of the Vancouver Blood Alley shop.

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WTAPS A/W 2013 Ex 27 – Lifist

I found a few shots from inside the WTAPS A/W 2013 Exhibition HQ that was held last month in Tokyo.

Next seasons collection entitled “Lifist’.

Yu never smiles!

- Arthur

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Preview: Engineered Garments Fall/Winter ’13

We are excited to introduce Engineered Garments to our brand list; with a debut drop for Fall/Winter 2013. Led by Daiki Suzuki under the revered Nepenthes umbrella, Engineered Garments consistently blends traditional workwear and heritage influences with technical and tailored detailing. Their Fall/Winter ’13 look book exemplifies this timeless yet progressive design. Look out for Engineered Garments at Haven in a few months.


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A Glimpse into HAVEN Edmonton

Here’s a glimpse into HAVEN Edmonton as well as a look at some of the new Spring/Summer 2013 product we have in store.


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A visvim kinda day…

I had a bit of spare time on my trip to check out some new retail concepts in Tokyo. I’ve seen the Indigo Camping Trailer FIL store on the web but it was cool to check it out in person….I’m still trying to wrap my head around how they got the trailer onto the 3rd floor of the Gyre Shopping centre….

The flooring is amazing….the product too!

After checking out Indigo Camping Trailer, I went to Meguro to visit Kazuya at the visvim Tokyo head office and showroom….The entrance to the visvim vault….

What’s up Kazuya!!

Last month FIL Tokyo had some cobbler artisans come do a demonstration on their hand stitched good year welt technique. Looks incredibly labor intensive.

Check out the individual waxed and knotted hand stitching on the sole

Here’s some shots from around the showroom that was previously occupied by a rice factory.

Next seasons corduroy, fur lined earflap cap with felt smiley face…Next Level!

Stay tuned for visvim hitting our shops this upcoming fall.

- Arthur

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April in Tokyo…

For a good chunk of April I was in Tokyo for the tail end of our AW2013 buying season. Tokyo is always a good time but exhausting as well, especially when you come 2-3 times a season! Two days of flying and 10 days on the ground is the usual schedule. The good thing is that In between all the endless meetings there’s always some free time to catch up with some good food, good laughs and good company.

One of the first orders of business was to hit up the SOPH. and Uniform Experiment AW2013 exhibition. The collections keep getting bigger and better. It’s always tough to edit down the collection for what works for us when everything looks good. We got some great pieces coming for next Fall that I’m sure everyone will be excited about.

Racks on Racks!

Can’t show much, but here’s something interesting….Paisley Printed Flannel Paneled Oxford!

After all the business is said and done there’s always time for beers and good food…. Before starting the night, Mitsuru had to pick up some stuff at Bridge.

Down the street from Bridge is a shop called ‘Wafflish Waffle’! Thought that was hilarious….only in Japan

We ended up hitting up some fancy industry opening party……

Mitsuru has the right idea…Free Booze, Time to go deep!

After a couple quick wobbly pops we bounced over to the Gyre to have Dinner with Nishizaki. The SOPH. guys always know the good spots.

Great Food at Honoji Izakaya in the Gyre Building on Omatesando.

The next day I met up with James from The New Order Magazine and we hit up the Native Sons exhibition.  For those still unfamiliar Native Sons is a joint collaboration between Tommy O’Gara (formerly of Dita) and Shinsuke Takizawa (NBHD).  Everything is ‘Mastercrafted’ in Japan with exceptional quality.

Can’t wait to wear these Salingers with the cross bar this upcoming summer….coming soon to HAVEN

Gold Mirror Lenses….damn!

Myself and Tommy, both sporting a couple new styles of sunnies that will be available shortly…

Finished off the day at Golden Brown, a Tokyo must!

more updates shortly…

- Arthur

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