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Buyer’s Log | FW14 NYC Market Week Highlights – Part One

Art and I have been on the road for some time now for our seasonal buying trips. After Paris a couple weeks back, we hopped on a plane and headed straight to NYC to meet Nguyen for market week. It’s been challenging fitting in all our meetings into such a short time frame but we’ll worth it when we get to see good collections. Personally, I enjoy seeing Fall collections more so than Spring/Summer as it feels more substantial. Here are some highlights so far.

Common Projects

Needles is quickly becoming a favourite here at the shop. Next Fall season is going to be killer!

Nguyen Le – Assistant buyer and samurai warrior

We stopped by (Capsule) quickly between meetings to say hi to a few friends. Alex from Lexdray

Takeshi and Nguyen discussing Caruso buttons.

Takeshi Ohfuchi – The man behind Post Overalls.

One of my favourite tops from next Fall’s Kapital collection.

Stay tuned, part 2 coming soon!



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Visvim in Paris

Always a highlight of our Paris trip is previewing the visvim collection in their showroom. For AW14 the collection is inspired by good ol’ Ronald Raegan and the All American Cowboy. In typical visvim fashion we continue to see the use of exceptional fabrics and construction techniques that we’ve come to know from Hiroki Nakamura.  Below are some photos I snapped from around the showroom.

- Arthur


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Buyer’s Log | Post Paris AW14 Recap

A couple weeks back me and Dan were out in Paris for the first stop in our Autumn/Winter 2014 Buying tour. Here’s a brief recap of our trip and some highlights of what you can expect at HAVEN for next Fall 2014…

Dan showed some shots from the Junya Watanabe MAN show that we attended.  The next day we hit up the Comme des Garcons showroom offices to make our selections.

The collaboration between Seil Marschall and Junya Watanabe will be continuing for Fall.  It continues to look amazing. Here’s one of my personal favourites.

The reversed side reveals an array of crazy pockets…

Another favourite from next seasons collection is this Paraffin Fishtail Parka with removal liner and fur collar…

We’re Canadian so you know we’re gonna lean towards the Flannels and Plaids….no worries next season we’ll have a healthy selection

The collaborations between Duvetica from Italy and Levi’s is also looking really strong next season, here’s a teaser…

Getting a Taxi in Paris is a bitch! This time around Uber was in full effect.  I’d highly recommend using it, most regular cabs are assholes, but service from Uber is top notch and the price is sometimes cheaper…plus you roll around a black car like the President…

Quick stop at the Man Show to say what’s up to a couple vendors..

Eiichi from Minotaur!

The Dawn Duffel Coat is one of the many nice outwear options from Minotaur next season.

Next Stop Tomorrow showroom…

We’re stoked that White Mountaineering is continuing their BLK collection. Here’s one of the jackets we’re looking forward to receiving next Fall.

Saucony collaboration is ongoing… also peep a glimpse at the Porter bags in the background..

Lunch break at supposedly the “World’s Best Falafel” joint. The writing on the right translates to something along the lines of “Often Imitated Never Duplicated”.

Check it out it’s in the 1st District. Not sure if it’s the best in the world, but their Fallafel is definitely legit!

Also when in Paris eat at Richer…Trust!

When we weren’t Ubering around to showrooms we were pounding the pavement….Space Invader all over Paris..

Can you spot it?

Pit stop…

Paris essentials….Patio and a Cappuccino!

One of our favourite new collections OverAll MasterCloth / O.A.M.C is looking killer! Be on the lookout as there are some big things coming from this camp…every season it gets better and better.

Their Blacked-Out Deck Jacket is so good!

New vs Old…The team wasn’t fuckin’ around when they decided to ship this American Jeep all the way to Paris in a container from Los Angeles for their showroom display..

Quick stop off at Tranoi tradeshow, then we out…

More from our travels shortly…

- Arthur

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Buyer’s Log | Junya Watanabe MAN FW14 Runway Preview

Arthur and I have been in Paris for the last few days on one of our regular seasonal buying trips. One of the highlights so far was the Junya Watanabe MAN runway show for FW14. It’s going to be a very good season from the looks of things with the outerwear being exceptionally strong. Here’s a preview of what you can expect in the fall. More photos from the showroom to come later.

More photos from the showroom coming soon!


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WTAPS EX28 ‘Concrete Environment’ in Tokyo

Over the short Christmas break I finally found some time to get up a blog post. Here are some highlights from my buying trip that happened awhile back in Tokyo.  The main reason for coming to Tokyo was for the SS14 WTAPS EX28 Exhibition.  For those unfamiliar WTAPS is the “younger brother” to Neighborhood and operate under the same umbrella company. They share the same showroom in a concrete reinforced bunker just below the Neighborhood offices in the back streets of Sendagaya, Tokyo.

‘Placing Things Where They Should Be’

Next Seasons is entitled ‘EX28: Concrete Environment’

SS14 Military Parasmock Smock In Tropical DPM.

WTAPS is introducing a small ‘Home Accessories’ line, with these Stacking Boxes as one of the main items. I really need to find a way to organize all my shoes and these would definitely be the perfect solution.

The return of ‘DESERT STORM’. For old fans of WTAPS, you’ll love this new collection.

Shinsuke from Neighborhood came down to say Hi.

The other reason for the trip was to visit the Undercover SS14 Exhibition. Jun creates all of the graphics himself and next seasons are some of the best I’ve seen in a long time.  Here’s a few designs that really stood out.

A great new Corked Sole Long Wing Brogue from Undercover’s diffusion line John.

I’ll be embarking on our FW14 buying trips in Berlin, Paris and New York coming up in January. Stay tuned.

- Arthur


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A Glimpse at the New and Improved HAVEN Vancouver….Coming Soon

As you may know we shut down the doors to our old Blood Alley location at 7 Gaoler’s Mews this past August. Our lease ran up and we decided to say goodbye as we simply outgrew the space. Since then we’ve been working our asses off trying to get the new store up and going. We’ve had some major delays due to unforeseen circumstances, but it’s getting there….here’s a glimpse of what’s to come for the new much larger and much improved HAVEN Vancouver – Gastown. Designed and built by yours truly…

The space will occupy 2500 square feet in a recently renovated historical building in Gastown.  I’ll disclose the location soon enough but no worries for our hardcore loyal customers, we’re still off the beaten path and I’m sure you’ll all be stoked…

We always tend to lean toward historical buildings for their existing characteristics. As with all of our other locations we’ll be keeping the exposed brick as is…

One of the major delays was that we recently had a Sprinkler blow on us… the floor that was initially layed is going to be completely replaced…

Custom racks hung from 14 ft ceilings is no easy task…

White Oak!

Hidden doors….

That’s all for now, stay tuned as we plan to open in the New Year… We can’t wait to unveil the new HAVEN Vancouver. But until then make sure to check out our temporary pop up location located at 157 Water Street in Gastown.

- Arthur

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