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Buyer’s Log | Tokyo in April

I’ve been spending a ton of time in Tokyo these last couple months.  These photos were taken in early April at the peak of Sakura blooming. The cherry blossoms only bloom once a year for a single week, and during this time Tokyo is hectic, it’s pretty much like New Years for them… I was lucky to have it fall on the week that I visited…I’d hit up Nakameguro to see the amazing river fully blossomed or go chill in Yoyogi park with a beer or a six pack!!…Anyways this time around I visited the usual suspects, as well as some new ones. We’ll be introducing a handful of new brands to the HAVEN roster next season that we’re super stoked on.  Fun trip all in all… met up with some friends, checked out some crazy robots, and took care of business at some exhibitions…. check out some randoms below














Before I knew it, I was back in Tokyo for round 4 at the end of April for another set of shows and to catch up on some ‘Intelligence’ coverage that is long overdue…more highlights to follow soon.

- Arthur

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Buyer’s Log | Neighborhood Tokyo Headquarters

This past week I have been out in Tokyo for a 3rd round of our seasonal buying trips in Japan. Up first was a visit to the Neighborhood Tokyo Headquarters in Sendagaya. This coming Fall 2014 – Archive No. 0142 Exhibition marks the start of their 20th Anniversary. As always you can expect a gang of really exciting projects and collaborations  that are in the works.  Here’s a glimpse into their Tokyo showroom and some teaser shots of next seasons collection.













- Arthur

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Curator Home Visit by Nalata Nalata


For the past little while I’ve been helping my sister and her boyfriend Steve with some guest curation on their website Nalata/Nalata. I’ve always said that quality is contagious and when you’re surrounded by some of the lines we carry all day, that appreciation for high-quality garments eventually carries over into other products and areas of your life. Whether it’s your kitchen tools, your transportation, or the mattress that you sleep on everynight, I believe it is good sense to invest in items that will grow with you and perform at a high level.

When the shop started bringing in Hender Scheme footwear a few seasons ago, I noticed that the company also produced amazing and beautiful homewares. While some of these items didn’t fit into what we do here at HAVEN, I thought it would be a great match for Nalata’s Japanese-focused homeware lineup.

Head over the the Nalata/Nalata site to view this small introductory feature on myself and a quick visit to my home in downtown Edmonton, Canada. And visit their online shop to view my carefully curated Hender Scheme selection.

Nalata/Nalata: Guest Curator – Daniel Chmielewski


Nalata/Nalata: Guest Curator – Daniel Chmielewski

All photos copyright© 2014 HAVEN APPAREL INC | Nalata/Nalata

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Buyer’s Log | AW14 Tokyo Exhibition Season

Picking up where Dan last left off after NYC things have been non-stop… I had a quick stop over home in Vancouver for a couple days, then straight to Tokyo not once but twice in February. My typical schedule is 2 days in the air and 2-3 days on the ground in Tokyo. It’s hectic with the jetlag, that I end up with very little time to sleep at all. I attended a handful of showrooms and exhibitions for the upcoming season. Below are some quick random snaps and a few Fall/Winter 2014 sneak peeks from my travels….




















The buying season in Japan is scattered all over the place, I’m heading back to Tokyo a couple more times this upcoming month (April) to finish off our Fall/Winter 2014 buying. We’re excited for the upcoming season as there are lots of new brands and exciting projects in the works.



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Buyer’s Log | FW14 NYC Market Week Highlights – Part Two

Part two of our NYC Market Week trip is here! Arthur, Nguyen and I saw so much good stuff on the trip that it was too hard to fit it all into one post. Check out some of the best highlights below.

The Engineered Garments showroom. EG always kills it. Doing their order is tough because the line is huge and everything is good!

The CYC loft showroom in Chelsea. This is wings + horns 10th year anniversary and for FW14 they took inspiration from their first season and re-worked some of their very first pieces.

This Cowichan below is an archive piece from the very first wings + horns collection 10 Years ago. It is handknitted with cut up strands of fleece sweatshirts!

Racks and racks on wings + horns!

Reigning Champ always has some of the nicest fabrics.

Kenta taking us through the line.

Soba noodle break at Soba-Koh in the East village.

This place was amazing actually. I highly recommend it if you want authentic noodles.

Stone Island FW14 is looking exceptional. One of my favourite Stone Island collections to date.

We got some crazy jackets coming next season!

Sneak peek at next season’s Fishtail from Shadow Project.

Takuji Suzuki of ts(s)

Skinny Mike is all about juicing.

Herno Laminar designed by Errolson Hugh of Acronym

Briefing is one of our favourite bag lines in the shop.

Their everyday bags are awesome. Well thought out and lots of compartments for all your things.

The LVC showroom.

The Ten c showroom. This was Andrea’s jacket from Ten c’s first collection!

The jacket has developed some incredibly nice wear.

So long New York. It was fun, but way too cold!



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Buyer’s Log | FW14 NYC Market Week Highlights – Part One

Art and I have been on the road for some time now for our seasonal buying trips. After Paris a couple weeks back, we hopped on a plane and headed straight to NYC to meet Nguyen for market week. It’s been challenging fitting in all our meetings into such a short time frame but we’ll worth it when we get to see good collections. Personally, I enjoy seeing Fall collections more so than Spring/Summer as it feels more substantial. Here are some highlights so far.

Common Projects

Needles is quickly becoming a favourite here at the shop. Next Fall season is going to be killer!

Nguyen Le – Assistant buyer and samurai warrior

We stopped by (Capsule) quickly between meetings to say hi to a few friends. Alex from Lexdray

Takeshi and Nguyen discussing Caruso buttons.

Takeshi Ohfuchi – The man behind Post Overalls.

One of my favourite tops from next Fall’s Kapital collection.

Stay tuned, part 2 coming soon!



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