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Neighborhood HQ

A day after the grand opening of the new shop I flew out to Tokyo direct from Toronto for a few quick exhibitions. In and out in 3 days! Up first was the Neighborhood exhibition. They just moved their headquarters to a new 4 story building in Shibuya. According to Shin they’ve been eagerly awaiting the completion of this building for almost 4 years. Damn! By far the nicest showroom in all of Tokyo. Here’s a small look inside…

It’s huge! Feels like a underground concrete bunker…

Kostas everywhere!

Neighborhood always does something crazy every season. Embroidered naked mermaid on the inside cuffs this time around….Crazy!

This is Shinsuke’s atelier that is setup on the top floor of the entire building. He’s got a ton of motorcycle memorabilia everywhere.

Yu Oka and Shinsuke

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HAVEN Toronto Grand Opening Recap

Last Friday we held the grand opening party for the new HAVEN Toronto shop. Being from the West Coast the city of Toronto welcomed us with open arms, and it showed in the amazing turn out we had. Big ups to everyone who came through, the word has spread quickly and the response from the city has been overwhelming. We can’t even begin to express our sincere appreciation. Huge thanks goes out to the fine folks at Sapporo and Blue Giovello for sponsoring the event, as well as DJ Big Jacks and DJ Mattice for killing it all night long. Also not to be forgotten, the fellas at Inqmind for the coverage and showing love through out the whole process.


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The Process…

Here’s some behind the scenes from the build out of the new Toronto HAVEN location that took over 3 months of construction. Rain or shine I was here everyday!

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Stay tuned…

It’s been pretty hectic lately, apologies for the lack of blogging. I’ve been working on something BIG, stay tuned!!!

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