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Toronto Summers

This summer I was able to spend some time with the guys over at our Toronto storefront. It’s always a good time with the fellas out east. Here are some shots off of my Lumix GF2. Friends, Food, Drink, Clothes. What more could you ask for?

This bottle of KAWS Hennessey was waiting for me when I got there. Thanks for the hookup Tim!

Took a quick trip to the Arc’teryx showroom to view the new SS14 collection.

And of course we gotta make a few trips to Kingyo Toronto. If you haven’t tried this new Izakaya yet then shame on you!

JP (Jean Philippe) of Arc’teryx Veliance/WANT Agency is all smiles. He must of just got his Sapporo Biru.

Tim Le – Manager, HAVEN Toronto. By yours truly with some additional touches by Joanne Cheung. I wonder if any of our customers can recognize him from the shop?

Took a trip down to one of our leather suppliers for MAPLE. Sourcing some new material for our next production run. So many choices!

Racks and racks of leathers!

that’s it for now. New York SS14 buyer’s log photos coming soon!


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While in Tokyo this last trip, I had a chance to visit my friend Mitsuru from Soph. He lives in an area of Tokyo called Nakano.  We had some lunch then hit up the Nakano ‘Broadway’.  Mitsuru describes this place as ‘Otaku’ land. For those unfamiliar, the word Otaku, literally translates to “Geek” or, “Fanboy”.  In general it refers to Japanese people who are simply obsessed with something, anything really….After walking through the 4 level Nakano Broadway building you get a good understanding of just how ‘Otaku’ some Tokyoites are over some of the most bizarre things….some shit was too weird, here’s some photos of the more normal stuff…

One of the best spots inside was this Watch Shop.  Apparently it has one of the best selections of Vintage timepieces in all of Tokyo. It also has some of the best prices, so this is where you should hit up if you are looking for a vintage Rolex!

Old School first generation Manga comic books……Check out the original Astro Boy comic books….I never knew he was called ‘Mighty Atom’ in Japan…

Check out the price tag on ‘The World of the Future: Nextworld’, that’s about 3G in Canadian dollars…

Another great find is the abundance of vintage magazine shops.  You can find all sorts of archived Japanese fashion magazines….Stacks on Stacks…

Popeye mag from 1979!

Muscle men! This one shop inside the mall sold only Muscle Men…..Mind Blown! I haven’t seen these things in a good 20-25 years, yet here in Tokyo there must be a market for it if an entire store can dedicate itself to it…

This shop specialized in vintage military memorobillia like Zippos, Watches, and …….Guns!

Airsoft guns that look the real deal…

There is also a small gallery space that Takahashi Murakami opened up to help promote young up and coming artists from Japan.

There was a small exhibition from some artist named Hidari Zingaro…

This one spot was selling used Beer Cans!

After spending a couple of hours in the mall, we stepped outside to witness this Lamborghini Countach at a stop light right in front of us….Un-Fucking-Real!!! This thing was mint condition and sounded like a beast…

Peace Mitsuru! Thanks for the tour…

- Arthur

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Tokyo in July

A couple weeks ago I was in Tokyo for a quick 3 day trip to take care of a few appointments and visit a couple exhibitions. Tokyo weather in July is pretty erratic, as soon as I stepped off the plane it was clear sunny skies, about 2 hrs later torrential downpours.  When it rains in Japan, it really rains…..that sideways rain that is impossible to shield against even with a massive umbrella.  It’s also humid as hell with temperatures reaching the mid 30 degrees celcius and nearly 100% humidity.

My first day on the ground I visited the SS14 Tokyo exhibition for Visvim.  In my previous Paris post I mentioned that the Geodome was suppossed to be draped in Fabric for the Tokyo exhibition…..well they didn’t make it in time for Tokyo either but cool nonetheless…..anyways as always some super amazing pieces in the collection…

Next up was to visit Heather Grey Wall to say whats up to Kazuki and view his SS14 CASH CA line.

New Liberty of London Panterns for their Coolmax Shirts….

Kazuki doing some good shit as always…

Just around the corner from Heather Grey Wall is a dope coffee spot called Little Nap Coffee Stand…They make a mean Iced Coffee…

I had some free time to check out some shops.  Always a favourite of mine is the Nepenthes shop in Shibuya. Keep your eyes peeled and look up for the stain glass because it’s super easy to miss….. They stock all your Nepenthes favourties….Engineered Garments, Needles, South2West, Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist etc etc. Def check it out if your in the area….

Another must visit shop in Tokyo is J’Antique in Nakameguro….They are world renowned for having one of the best selections of Vintage Apparel and Antique furniture in the world. Apparently many fashion designers from all over visit J’Antique to pick up pieces or get inspiration for their collections…. you can find pretty much anything here from Old Stadium Jackets, Levi’s Vintage, LEE, Converse , Boro’s, vintage buttons and hardware etc etc…..

Original 1970′s Chuck Taylor in a dope Purple colorway….

Some Vintage LEvi’s from who knows when….

Brews with Bros….Tsubasa, Mitsuru, Tatsuya and Satoru at Miriachi Izakaya on Dogenzaka Road in Shibuya. Good food and good company…

Mariachi has random shit everywhere to make for a cool environment…the food is really good as well…

more soon….

- Arthur

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