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KINGYO Toronto- A new Japanese Izakaya to the city’s east end has,  as of the New Year,  become our new go-to for everything drink and food related. Located near our shop at 51 B Winchester Street (Cabbagetown) you can find any one of us (usually all of us) sharing pitchers of Sapporo and getting our Short Rib fix, amongst other amazing dishes (see: Tuna, Hamachi, Amaebi Sashimi Platter).

No detail too small, every aspect of this place has been thought out and executed meticulously.

Pachinko machines imported from Japan!

Crocodile drinking game of death…

Its not a HAVEN party without our favourite ‘biru’, Sapporo

Shori Imanishi’s tools of the trade, 2 generations deep and as sharp as the day it was forged.

One pour, two pour…. Shori keeping it coming with that Shochu

Hana Mugi Shochu!

‘Mr.Sada’s Sea Urchin Shooter’  topped with some gold.

We highly reccomend ordering the pork belly.

Famous “O-Sho Restaurant” Karaage with Magic Powder – Classic

A Big Kingyo Short Rib – Done to Perfection everytime! Mandatory.

Tuna, Hamachi, Amaebi Sashimi Platter – ‘Da-bess’


Koji and Shori

The ever wise Daisuke

Congrats guys!

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Tokyo continued…

WTAPS exhibition

We got a ton of amazing footage and ‘INTELLIGENCE’ features coming soon….TET at the showroom

A rare glimpse inside the GIP store.

At the Heather Grey Wall offices with Kazuki

We had a chance to attend the book release for Kazuki’s new ‘ODDS and ENDS’ book. Shinsuke from NBHD was also in attendance.

NBHD Shibuya

Bedwin SS13 exhibition

Late nights in Tokyo at Kinfolk with John and Team Bedwin

At the SOPH. offices.  Mitsuru in work mode!

Taking some footage of the SOPH. Tokyo shop. People taking pictures of people taking pictures…

Late night with Nishizaki and Mitsuru involves lots of beer!…good times

Thats all for now.  Be on the lookout for lot of INTELLIGENCE coverage in the coming weeks. We’ve been putting in work to try to bring you guys lots of behind the scenes looks at what makes your favourite JP brands tick…stay tuned

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My Sister the Fashion Designer: Angélique Chmielewski

Most of you may be aware of my brother Arthur and I, through our work with the shop (HAVEN). What most of you probably don’t know is that we have a younger sister (Angélique) who also works in the industry. She graduated from F.I.T. New York a little while back and is now working full time on her own self titled line. She now works out of her New York studio. Here are some shots of her SS13 range.

You can find her collections at Coup Boutique and you can visit her website HERE.

For buyers and media inquiries you can check her out at the next (capsule) trade show in New York from February 22-24, 2012.

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Team HAVEN in Tokyo part 1…

Me and Ryan were out in a Tokyo a few weeks back. Did a bunch of ordering for next season as well as a bunch of ‘Intelligence‘ stuff.  We got some amazing content in the works with some of our favourite brands and we’re looking forward to getting the info out there shortly.  Here’s some random highlights from the trip with more to come.

Omotesando Koffee Bar is a super cool coffee shop that is located in a residential area just off of Omotesando. It’s really tucked away so you might need to GPS it. It’s a tiny little spot with a single guy manning as barista.

Golden Brown is a Tokyo must if you love burgers. They have one in Naka-Meguro and another in the Omotesando Hills shopping centre.

Hender Scheme makes amazing leather products.  Before…..

After……Here’s a pair of the Shell Toe “replicas” with full Leather upper and outsole that have had some wear on them. They age beautifully.

Had a chance to pop into Nigo’s atelier to meet with the guys at Human Made.

There’s a bunch of random cool stuff everywhere.

Popped in to the Undercover shop.  Their windows are crazy. All the eyes are cut out. On a nice day the sun shines through the eyes bringing light into the interior space.

Wild times at the Trump Room.

Going through all my pics….More shortly…


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Salim Varol Exhibition in Berlin

While I was in Berlin I somehow stumbled across the Salim Varol “At home i’m a tourist” Exhibition at the ME Collections Room. I didn’t even know what it was until I saw a massive poster of a KAWS companion hanging from the building that peaked my interest. The exhibition includes a total of 3,000 works by more than 200 artists & designers from over 20 countries with amazing work from all the whose who of the street art industry. Artists include KAWS, Shepard Fairy, Faile, Banksy, D*Face, Delta, David Choe, Futura and so much more. It was pretty unreal the magnitude of Salim Varol’s collection until you see it all in one space. Here’s a few pics that I snapped.


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