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Post Paris Recap…

I was in Paris for a short 4 day trip buying for next Spring/Summer 13.  Here’s some randoms from my travels.


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I had a little free time in between exhibitions this season to step outside of Tokyo and visit both Kyoto and Osaka.  I’d totally recommend checking them out if you are ever in Japan.  Kyoto is a mix of old world Japan and is a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. Here’s some randoms.

Zen Garden

These guys must have the most tedious jobs in the world.  They have to sweep up all the cherry blossom leaves after they have fallen.

One of the main attractions of Kyoto is the temples.  I had a day to check out a bunch of tourist spots.

I had an amazing traditional 5 course Tofu meal in Kyoto. I typically hate Tofu, but this was one of my favorite meals my entire trip

On the western outskirts of Kyoto there’s an area called Arashiyama. There’s a bunch of temples around here but they also have this pretty cool monkey sanctuary that sits atop of a mountain that overlooks Kyoto. 100′s of monkeys just hang out here all day. Felt like planet of the apes!

Check out the little guy on the roof top! In the background is Arashiyama

The visvim F.I.L shop was pretty cool.  Though much smaller than all of their other locations this one was pretty unique. It’s located in an old doll shop on one of the main strips in Kyoto.  Totally unexpected but cool at the same time, definitely a must visit for a fan.

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This time while I was in Japan I had a little bit of free time to be a tourist.  I’ve been to the Tsukiji fish market before but this time I was able to get a few pictures to document the trip. For those unfamiliar Tsukiji fish market is renowned as the world’s largest fish market. It’s just on the outskirts of Tokyo and everyday thousands of fishermen, sushi chefs and traders pile into the market to sell and trade. To see the really cool stuff you need to wake up and be at the market at 5AM, we got there a little later around 6AM but still saw a lot of action.

I bet these knives are better than anything you got at home.

Tuna chopped!

Rows and rows of Tuna brought in from sea and auctioned off everyday.

Uni is one of my favorite types of sushi.  It could taste like crap or it can taste amazing depending if you get the fresh stuff.  This looks good!

Blood in the streets

You see hundreds of these guys whizzing around on their motorized carts.  They don’t really care too much for tourists, so be careful because they will run you over.

Sushi for breakfast.  After checking out the market we visited one of the many sushi joints that surround the market. They get the freshest fish on the daily.  It was amazing!

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Some Recent Press

The amount of support we’ve received so far for our new Toronto location has been incredible. Here are a couple recent articles highlighting the new shop. Thanks to Design Lines Magazine and Chronicle magazine for reaching out.

CHRONICLE Magazine – “That Secret Store”

DESIGN LINE Magazine “Let’s Hear it for the Boys”

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I’ve been in Japan for the last 2 weeks. I just got back so I got a ton of updates to do.  Up first the WTAPS show.

Lamb Leather A-2 is a must!

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More from Tokyo

Here’s some more pictures from my trip to Tokyo a couple weeks ago. It was my first trip of the season out there to see Neighborhood, White Mountaineering and Undercover.

Went to the White Mountaineering press office to meet up with Thomas to see the new AW12/13 collection.

Thomas, his WM hoodie he’s wearing is crazy looking! You can see him in the latest WM runway show as he doubles for one of their models as well.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Up next Undercover, this set of Jackets are unreal! Every single one is a must for any Undercover fan.

Next season’s knit’s are really well done as well. Check out the F-U-C-K knit pattern, bonkers!

Ordering stuff from a color card! Not easy!

“The Avant-garde Eats Shits and Likes It” …..Hahaha!

Had some time to walk around and decided to cut through the gates of Harajuku…..BAD IDEA! Like a zoo!

I went to Nigo’s ‘Curry Up’ joint for the first time.  Pretty damn good, more of a Indian style curry as opposed to Japanese style curry.

Ran into Tomohiro, Yusuke and the NEXUSVII crew on the way out. Guy on the ground was hilarious.


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