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Salim Varol Exhibition in Berlin

While I was in Berlin I somehow stumbled across the Salim Varol “At home i’m a tourist” Exhibition at the ME Collections Room. I didn’t even know what it was until I saw a massive poster of a KAWS companion hanging from the building that peaked my interest. The exhibition includes a total of 3,000 works by more than 200 artists & designers from over 20 countries with amazing work from all the whose who of the street art industry. Artists include KAWS, Shepard Fairy, Faile, Banksy, D*Face, Delta, David Choe, Futura and so much more. It was pretty unreal the magnitude of Salim Varol’s collection until you see it all in one space. Here’s a few pics that I snapped.


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For the last week or so I have been away on a short trip to Eastern Europe with the gf.  We spent half of our time in Berlin, Germany and the other half in Prague, Czech Republic. It was my first time ever visiting the city Berlin and I had some pre conceived notions of what it wolud be like. Berlin seems to be changing very fast and it’s most evident in their architecture.  The city is riddled with old graffiti stricken and war torn buildings contrasted with stark modern structures. It’s a pretty amazing city that has lots of character of it’s own.

Day one we were completely exhausted after arriving in Berlin from nearly 18 hrs of flying all the way from Vancouver. One of the first matters of order was to meet up with Errolson of Acronym who was leaving to Paris then Italy the next day. Here’s Hendrik (Artoo), Joerg (Firmament) and Errolson (Acronym) in Mitte. Yes Errolson aka Mr.Acronym is holding a Zara bag!…..Actually he was carrying around a bag full of cupcakes!

It was actually Errolsons’ Birthday hence the cupcakes. We headed out for some amazing Cheescake to celebrate. German’s know how to make Cheesecake!

Errolson isn’t always as serious as his Acronym videos make him out to be…

Day 2: We were fully recharged and got up early to have brunch at Cafe Anna Blume in Prenzlauer Berg. They are really famous for having one of the best breakfasts’ in town.

One of the first sites we visited was the Berlin Wall. It was pretty cold and rainy on the afternoon of second day, but added to the impact of seeing the wall for the first time. Sections of the wall are still left untouched as part of historic preservation in Berlin.

These rods are markers for where the wall once stood

The first couple days in Berlin we had a chance to do some shopping and walking around all the different areas of the city. We spent a lot of time in the area of Mitte which has a lot of the independent shops, galleries and great restaurants…..when in Berlin make sure to check out Joergs’ spot Firmament. They are located in Mitte and stock the goods with Acronym, Stone Island, WTAPS, Nike Tier Zero, Undercover etc.

One of my favourite shops to visit in the city was the new Andreas Murkudis concept space located in a secluded courtyard in the area of Tiergarten. I’ve been to my fair share of “cool” spaces around the world and I must say that Andreas Murkudis is perhaps one of the most impressive and inspiring stores i’ve ever visited.  They carry a selection of select goods for both men’s and women’s from Maison Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga, Guidi, Yohji Yamamoto and a plethora of other high end brands.  Though the clothing is not particularly my cup of tea this massive space also houses a concise selection of accessories, books, home wares, furniture and apothecary. A must visit.

While walking through the city I found an abundance of buildings, entrances, and spaces to draw inspiration from. It’s no wonder that the city of Berlin is the home to many artists, architects and designers. Berlin would be a retailers dream, rent is amazingly cheap and the spaces that are available are phenomenal, making it very easy for independents to set up shop. I must have walked by dozens of buildings where I thought “huh, that would be perfect to set up a HAVEN shop”. There’s so many hidden courtyards and discreet locations tucked away in every neighbourhood …Here’s a few entrances I stumbled upon that I thought would be great shop entrances if fixed up nicely.

While in Mitte Joerg recommended hitting up Claerchens Ballhaus for a traditional style German dinner…

This is what a traditional German meal looks like….Meat and Potatoes, it was super heavy but really good!

Here are some randoms from around the Mitte and surrounding areas.

Museum Island

More shortly….

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NYC continued

Lost track of time and found some random pics on my laptop from NYC a month or so ago

Dougie Fresh and I at the Reigning Champ and Wings & Horns showroom.

5Points NYC

My sister lives in NYC and designs her own women’s collection, check it out WWW.ANGELIQUECHMIELEWSKI.COM

Eugene reppin’ Edmonton!

Asians taking pictures of Food!!! ….Whaddup Nicole! Check out: WWW.THATFOODCRAY.COM

Pretty gay but pretty good!

Sake time!



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Now Hiring: HAVEN Toronto

We are now hiring for our HAVEN Toronto location. We are looking for full and part time employees. Potential recruits should have the following qualities:

  • Familiarity and interest in HAVEN brands and culture
  • Customer service experience
  • Detail oriented
  • Flexible schedule
  • Interpersonal and communications skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Men’s retail experience preferred
  • Familiarity in Design, Photography, Adobe Photoshop,and Illustrator etc is a strong asset.

If you are interested please apply either in store at HAVEN Toronto or online by sending your resume to (attention: Tim Le).

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Paris Buying part 2: Comme des Garcons Showroom

Here’s a look at some highlights from our recent visit to the Comme des Garcons showrooms in Paris.

Junya Watanabe MAN x Duvetica collaboration next season is one of their best yet.

You can’t have a Junya collection without their popular Tricker’s collab.

More collaborations from the MAN line, this time with Levi’s…

Some fresh colours and patterns for Spring. Here’s one of them.

This is one of our favourite jacket’s next season, 3 Layer hooded Parka with plaid lined yoke and contrasting interior taped seams.

Ring belts galore!

More colors in classic Junya styling.

The SS13 Comme des Garcons Shirt line is one of the strongest we’ve seen from them. Lot’s of bright colours, patterns in their classic panelled designs.

We got a handful of beautiful knits coming through next season from the Shirt line. Can’t wait!

People can’t seem to get enough of PLAY.  They got some new things in the works.

We’ll be welcoming the Perfume soon as well.

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Paris Buying Part 1

A couple weeks ago we got back from Paris previewing Spring/Summer 13 collections.  Though it’s quite a long time until Spring we wanted to highlight some of our favorites.  We got some exciting new brands to introduce and some old favorites.

Yuketen is joining the roster next spring.  These ripple sole oxfords are amazing!

Made in Italy sneakers

Chamula make some incredible Native American inspired accessories.

Mr.Bathing Ape at the ANON showrooms

We are big Tech nerds at HAVEN and Conroy and Co. at Veilance are killing it.

Working on some more HAVEN exlcusives with Mark McNairy

Stay tuned for Part Deux at Comme des Garcons.


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