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A Visit to the Hender Scheme Offices in Tokyo

Last week the HAVEN buying team was in Tokyo for a couple of exhibitions. Among them was a new favourite to the shop, Hender Scheme. We took a trip over to the Hender Scheme offices in Setagaya, Tokyo and met with founder and designer Ryo Kashiwazaki. His “hommage” line of sneakers has been a very successful due to it’s design element of “growing” and aging more beautifully over time, which is in opposition to the image of sneakers that are usually worn in then thrown away.

Some of Hender Scheme’s sneakers after approximately two years of wear.

Ryo explained that this unique pen holder is on display the Tokyo museum of modern art and is modelled after the shoes Charlie Chaplin wore.

A Hender Scheme keychain made out of the sole of a shoe.

They also produce traditional Japanese houseware products such as this small coin collector.

Ryo Kashiwazaki, founder and designer.

More Tokyo updates soon!


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Continued: BUYER’S LOG – New York FW13 Part 2

I dug up some of the more interesting photos from the tail end of our New York buying trip. We’ll be adding quite a few interesting brands for FW13. Here’s a little preview of what’s coming.

The M5 Showroom is an all day meeting for us with many brands to go through. One of the new ones we’ll be picking up is Ts(s) from Japan. Here’s Cam convincing us to order Hunting Jacket. He doesn’t have to try to hard..

We were able to take another look at next season’s Ten c. Here is a new model: the Storm Parka. I don’t like to use this term too often, but.. POW! Insta-copped.

Another new luggage based brand, Briefing. Travel functionally and stylish with this carry-on!

Herno Laminar has become a favourite at the shop and it is looking strong for next season.

Now on to the part you’ve been waiting for. Food recommendations! A quick walk through central park takes us to Jean Georges. Normally, this 3-star Michelan restaurant is pretty pricey. But go for brunch and you can get the damn good meal for just 40 USD.

Get the grape juice. Trust me. It’s something ridiculous like $15 a glass but gat dayum if it ain’t refreshing!

A new place that I completely recommend for lunch or dinner is Flex Mussels.

Get the donuts for dessert.

And lastly, if you find yourself around this travelling food truck in New York, do yourself a favor and get a waffel. Waffel and Dinges. It’s hard to catch, so don’t miss it if you see it.

That’s all for now. Photos from Tokyo travels soon!


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Buyer’s Log: New York Men’s FW13 Buying Trip

I’m just now realizing how long and extensive of a trip our FW13 buying tour was. I find myself sitting here on a layover in San Francisco on my way to Tokyo for a couple exhibitions this week and trying to find free moments to catch up on blogging from January! So, apologies for the delay! Now on to the photos..

There are a few (capsule) trade shows that happen around the world, but the New York one is probably the busiest I’ve found. Walking that show floor can get a bit intense. One of the interesting things I’ve noticed is that the New York (capsule) can be used as a sort of rough measure of incoming (and soon to be outgoing) fashion trends. ie. Menswear is the new streetwear!

We stopped by to say hi to Doug and Kenta from Reigning Champ. Their booth was packed so we didn’t stick around.

We did head over to the booth next door though. Yuketan! Look for it dropping at our shops very soon (this spring), here’s Arthur showing another one for next Fall.

After the (capsule) craziness, we took a stroll to the Maiden Noir show suite.

Arthur and I taking a much needed text and food break at Katz’ Deli.

Get the pastrami sandwich. Don’t bother with anything else on the menu.

Ride the train!…all the way to the LVC showroom.

Battery showroom to meet with John and check out Post Overalls.

Another new brand coming in for FW13 is Kapital. Artisan crafted in Okayama Japan and very detailed. We think you guys will dig it.

Can’t forget about Shake Shack! No seriously, if you haven’t had one of their Shack Stack burgers you are missing out.

On to the ACE hotel to see the boys at CYC (wings + horns / Reigning Champ). The boardroom was busy with a few meetings going on at once.

Hey Dave!

Hey Kenta!

Part 2 of New York coming soon (or whenever I get another free moment).




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Studio Visit: Angélique Chmielewski and Nalata Nalata (Brooklyn)

Arthur and I went were in New York a month ago doing our usual rounds of showrooms and trade shows. While there, we decided to pay a visit to my sister Angélique and her boyfriend Stevenson. Together they produce Angélique’s self-titled womenswear collection ( and run a new online store that specializes in high-quality lifestyle and home products that have meaning ( Here’s a few photos from the visit.

Saw this rat on the way. Almost made it little buddy!

Angélique showing Arthur and I her new FW13 line.

Angélique’s mood board.

Checking out some fabric swatches. Mohair!

Her SS13 collection. It should be available at Coup Boutique soon.

Their brooklyn studio has a dividing wall down the middle. On the other side is Nalata/Nalata run by my main man Steve here.

They sell some pretty amazing product. I’ve already bought a few things.

This was from my first purchase at their shop.

Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. knife and cutting board oils! I recommend the lemon scented.

More New York pics coming soon. Food, places, people, and of course..clothes!


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