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Studio Visit: Angélique Chmielewski and Nalata Nalata (Brooklyn)

Arthur and I went were in New York a month ago doing our usual rounds of showrooms and trade shows. While there, we decided to pay a visit to my sister Angélique and her boyfriend Stevenson. Together they produce Angélique’s self-titled womenswear collection ( and run a new online store that specializes in high-quality lifestyle and home products that have meaning ( Here’s a few photos from the visit.

Saw this rat on the way. Almost made it little buddy!

Angélique showing Arthur and I her new FW13 line.

Angélique’s mood board.

Checking out some fabric swatches. Mohair!

Her SS13 collection. It should be available at Coup Boutique soon.

Their brooklyn studio has a dividing wall down the middle. On the other side is Nalata/Nalata run by my main man Steve here.

They sell some pretty amazing product. I’ve already bought a few things.

This was from my first purchase at their shop.

Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. knife and cutting board oils! I recommend the lemon scented.

More New York pics coming soon. Food, places, people, and of course..clothes!


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A Glimpse Into HAVEN


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A visit to the visvim Paris showroom

Last month during our buying trips, Arthur and I were invited to the visvim showroom in Paris. Next Fall/Winter 13 we are excited to say that visvim will be offered across our 3 HAVEN locations. Here’s a few shots from our visit.

Our appointment was on one of the coldest days of the year in Paris. The snow reminded me of Canada but apparently it was unusual for Paris. Enroute to the showroom…

The showroom is housed in an industrial warehouse space in a quiet district of the city.

They imported this old camping trailer for the exhibition!

What’s next….

Next stop…New York! stay tuned for a new post soon.

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Paris FW13 Buying with Arthur

After Florence, Arthur and I made our way over to Paris for the second round of our FW13 buying trip. Here’s a few photos of what we got up to.

The weather was pretty crap for the most part unfortunately. We were met with heavy rain for the first couple of days and then snowstorm for the last few days! Looks like home! (Canada)

The first order of business was to head to the Comme des Garcons showroom.

Junya Watanabe MAN was impressive for Fall as expected.

Next we headed over to Tommorow showroom to see the new White Mountaineering collection in closer detail. (We got to see it on the runway in Florence the week earlier).

Gloves that work with touch screens! Handy for when you need to text someone in the winter time

We then headed over to (Capsule) to check out CASH Ca, McNairy, and a few other brands.

Cabs can be hard to find in Paris so I recommend learning to use their subway system as soon as you can. It’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

We went to check out the Dali museum. I’m not sure how long it runs for, but I definitely recommend going here.

You may recognize the timepiece from one of Dalí’s most famous paintings “The Persistence of Memory”

We also made of point of trying the local ramen. Not bad.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for my next post about our visit to the visvim showroom!

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Euro Trip continued….

Here’s a few more highlights from the Pitti show.  Minotaur hailing from Japan is doing some really cool stuff.

Cable Quilted Wool Blazer….wha!?!

Dan showed some Tricker’s highlights and here are a couple more. I love this picture. These gentleman just relaxing reading newspapers and magazines.

We had a couple days in Florence and Tuscany before heading out to Paris. Mine and Dan’s blogs might overlap a bit but you’ll get to see two separate point of views….Here are some randoms I captured…..Brass Model of Florence…

One of the best parts of Florence is that the city centre is relatively small….You can literally walk the entire city…..needless to say we walked a ton!

Dan taking a breather to enjoy the amazing view….

Afternoon Cappuccino breaks….

Duomo in Florence is probably my favourite Cathedral in Europe…..

Ain’t no blog with out pictures of food…Quattro Leoni is probably my favourite restaurant in Florence.  Try the pear filled Raviolli! Bomb!

Deep fried bread with prosciutto…

It’s all about the Anti-Pasti dishes in Italy.  Expect lots of meat and cheeses! So good!

Tuscany vineyards…

We made a point of visiting Dario Cecchini in Panzano.  He’s renowned to be the world’s BEST butcher….Check out this Youtube Vid HERE

Meat Locker!

I asked the Master butcher for a picture and he said “sure”! As we took the photo he gave the thumbs up and said “EAT MEAT!” Ha…

Next stop Pisa to check out the lean….

Leaning tower of Pisa….

Haha… these tourist photos are hilarious….I have a few ridiculous pics of myself as well…

Back on the road in our Fiat Panda!! Dan in the driver seat taking us through the narrow roads of Cinque Terre…

More soon..

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