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Daniel’s Tokyo Essentials

Team HAVEN is currently in Tokyo doing the next round of buying for SS14. While here, I’ve discovered a few indispensable items that will make your daily commute/work/stay that much easier. Most of these are readily available at the plethora of convenience stores on every street. So here they are: Daniel’s Tokyo Essentials.

Soft Bank Pocket Wifi (aka wifi egg). Get this upon landing at the Soft Bank in Narita airport. It’s probably the most essential thing on the list and will save you from ridiculous roaming rates.

iPhone 4 (yes I still use a 4) with Google Maps. Google, not Apple Maps. Download it separately from the app store. Super essential

Coin Pouch by HeadPorter. Coins are VERY useful in Japan. You’ll need them to take the train all the time. Keep them in a coin pouch so they aren’t always jingling in your pocket all day.

Daily tote by Bedwin & The Heartbreakers x HeadPorter. You will be doing A LOT of walking all day. And you don’t want to be stuck carrying around shopping bags all day if you end up buying something. Plus if you are heading to and from meetings, you’ll need something to carry your laptop or papers in.

Rainbow Boss Coffee. Actually all the Boss Coffees are delicious and are much better than the lesser brands out there. Readily available in the Boss Coffee vending machines on the street. Plus its endorsed by Tommy Lee Jones! Tommy Lee Jones don’t just lend his likeness to anything!

Asahi Beer mini can. This little baby is great for getting a nice day buzz going without taking it too far. Essential when you have a short break between meetings and need to unwind a little. Readily available at convenience stores.

Super Ukon No Chikara. Drinking with business partners is common in Japan. Take one of these babies beforehand to minimize the hangover the next day. I’ve been taking them for years and swear by them.

Pocari Sweat Ion Supply Drink. Japan’s version of Gatorade I suppose. Take this the morning after if you forgot to take an Ukon the night before. It will get you up and going in no time!

Frisk breath mints (with NexusVII frisk case). Going to meetings and pounding the pavement all day usually means you don’t have time to go back to your hotel and brush your teeth after every meal. Take some mints with you.

Calorie Mate. A nutritionally balanced source of energy. It tastes like a semi-sweet chocolate biscuit. I quite prefer it to any energy or protein bar. And the packaging is dope. If it’s good enough for Solid Snake, it’s good enough for me.

McDonald’s Shaka Shaka Chicken. Pretty much the ultimate after-bar food. It’s actually real chicken too. Not like the chicken that McDonald’s serves in North America. And it’s only 100 Yen!

Reporting from Tokyo!


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Harlem Eats, Brooklyn Eats

The great thing about travelling to a place over and over is that you really get to know some great places to eat after awhile. If you like food as much as I do and you find yourself travelling to New York in the near future, check out these four spots. You won’t regret it.

Roberta’s (Bushwick, Brookyln)

Keep your eyes peeled for this tagged-up metal door. It’s easy to miss for sure. This place is a pizzeria/radio station. Great spot for lunch with a few people as most of their dishes are sharing plates. Make sure to order a pizza and sit on the patio if you want to check out the radio station.

Five Leaves (Brookyln)

Apparently Heath Ledger’s restaurant. I guess the story goes that before the actor died he had plans to open this restaurant in his Brooklyn neighbourhood. I’m glad they still went ahead with the plans after his passing because this place is seriously good…and healthy! I went here for breakfast with my brother before our daily meetings. But I’m willing to bet lunch and dinner are equally good. Mostly organic/vegetarian/vegan type fare. Usually those types of places SUCK, but not this one. Give it a try

Red Rooster (Harlem)

To be honest, this was the first time I’ve even ventured into Harlem. And I’m sure glad I did, because Red Rooster is not to be missed. You could describe it as a fancy southern American throwback restaurant. Think vintage prohibition-era dining and decor. Make sure to order yourself a cocktail; they’re some of the best I’ve had. And I’m into cocktails.

Freeman’s (Lower East Side, New York)

Ok, so technically this one isn’t in Harlem or Brooklyn but you should still check it out. Located in Freeman’s Alley in the Lower East Side, Freemans consists of a “Sporting” goods store, barbershop, and a restaurant. Kind of a rustic, outdoorsey vibe to the whole place. They are known for serving unique game meat and simple dishes. The food is great and not at all fancy or pretentious. And the atmosphere is worth the trip alone.

Hope you guys enjoy these spots as much as I did. God dayum, just looking at these photos makes me want to go back to New York and eat again.

I’m off to Tokyo next week for another round of exhibitions and will report back with some Tokyo eats in a bit. Until then.



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Buyer’s Log: New York SS14 buying continued…

Dan showed a few images from the first leg of our NYC Spring buying trip. Here’s some more highlights…

It was hot as balls in NYC… pounding the pavement with Nguyen and Dan was exhausting…apparently nonnative cropped pants are so “IN” this season…

Dan showed a photo from the Engineered Garments runway show that we attended, the next day we hit up their showroom to check out the full line in person.

I think this was when Todd and Angelo got talking about Canada….

A glimpse at part of our SS14 selection

We had some free time to pop over to Nepenthes next door to check out some gear…stores back to normal after the runway show from the day earlier.

Next meeting with our boy John Shimizaki at Battery….John trying to convince us on some crazy new shit…

New fabrics for POST O’ALLS are looking amazing!

Dan and Takeshi enjoying beers and discussing Panasonic Lumix cameras…

Next up is Kapital out of Okayama, Japan. Kapital is on some next level Post Apocalyptic Mad Maxx Boros type tip…and its awesome! Check out the screen wrist visor on this distressed Kountry Limited Shirt. It’s super rare with only 20 pieces made worldwide…and we’re getting some for the shops!…..Also, check out the dope worn in Henderscheme Eras dudes rocking in the background..

Here’s another Kapital highlight….Deerskin Bandanna with Silver Concho…crazy, huh?!

Up next is the Stone Island showroom…..decisions, decisions…


Ten C continues to kill it, here’s a first look at next seasons Printed Herringbone Parachute Jacket. If you don’t got a Ten C jacket, get one! Btw New Fall will be landing asap, so stay tuned…

Briefing Bags will be arriving at HAVEN really soon, here’s one of my favourite new bags for Spring….A great alternative if you don’t have the cash to fork out for an Acronym 3rd Arm but just as dope..

Next up is another Nepenthes favourite of mine, Needles….Here’s a look at one of their amazing leopard print western shirts that we’ll have for spring.

I like to call this piece ‘The Bruce Lee’

Lastly we finished up with the new Common Projects Spring 14 collection….they have some AF1 inspired silhouettes with gum soles next season that look really strong

That’s all for now.

- Arthur


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