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Spring 2015 in Tokyo, part II

We are back with part II of our series on Spring in Tokyo with photographer Ryan Lindow (@ryanlindow).

Hotel Okura 11C2A3511

The Hotel Okura is a special place and we made it a priority to stay here and enjoy the design and architecture before it is demolished this September.  The lobby is just as it’s been since the 1960′s and is certainly one of the coolest rooms we’ve ever seen.

Wtaps FW15

We were on back-to-back trips to Tokyo and with only a few days in between we were on it.  First thing Monday morning…WTAPS FW15 exhibition! Tet and his crew have delivered another strong season that will surely keep the streak of instant sell-outs alive this Fall.


JBS bar is a not-so-secret-anymore record bar in Shibuya.  Kobayashi-san and his 10,000 records are all you really need for a great time.


Thunderbolt in Nakameguro wins for best menu design this round.


Trainspotting with some locals.


How many coffees and teas can we drink in one day? We stopped at the outdoor patio on the roof of the Gyre building on Omotesando to check.


Maiko kept us going with some extra strong coffee at her shop Mocha Coffee in Daikanyama.  She sources all of the beans directly and exclusively from Yemen.


Wacko Maria FW15. Just wait for it.


We stopped by to see the charming staff at retaW and check out some of their new products like the black & white Allen candles.


There are no shortages of things to do in Tokyo and this weekend was packed.  First up, C.E and The Trilogy Tapes at Daikanyama Unit.  Will Bankhead and Joy Orbison came over from the UK to hold it down in the main room and downstairs the Cav Empt crew went deep.


The only way to follow up is with the Neighborhood 21st Anniversary party at Vision.  We got in just as The Sissybars took the stage and got the place going.  There was great music all night, but the craziest was Sk8thing dropping jungle breaks and heavy bass in the back room.


Shin-san is a man of many titles and talents.  He has a new photography book coming out and you’ll be hearing more from him very soon.


The Pool Aoyama will be open until next year and promises to have some pretty great releases until then.  The Melanism collection is on now and is certainly worth checking out.


The ceiling of lightbulbs at Undercover.


Vanity plates in Tokyo are limited to number combinations and we saw plenty.  A favourite designer of ours has the evil 666 plates, and this Mercedes gull-wing on the street in Aoyama reminds you that it’s a 300SL.


Nigel Cabourn had his FW15 women’s show and it exceeded every expectation.  He had a huge collection of his vintage archives on display, a live band providing the music, and Nigel himself ended the show by passing out beers to everyone in attendance from the runway. A legend!


Steakhouse Satou and their famous Matsuzaka beef.


We stopped by to check out HF doing a soundcheck for his concert at Club Asia in Shibuya.  The band was sounding tight, the sound system was tuned and everything was ready for a great set later that night.


Nigo opened up his new shop in Harajuku where you can find Human Made alongside his many other projects.


We had a great time hanging out with architect Nobuo Araki over a few days in Tokyo.  Araki-san has designed some amazing retail spaces, offices, and homes and can hit the cafe’s harder than anyone!  He really showed us a great time, I counted 5 coffees/teas from 4 different places in the span of only 5 hours.


That’s a wrap for this season, but look for more photos on Instagram @havenshop & @ryanlindow.


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Spring 2015 in Tokyo, part I

Spring in Tokyo is a special time of year, so Haven is bringing you a two part photo series by photographer Ryan Lindow (@ryanlindow).


We arrived in Tokyo just in time for hanami.  When the sakura were in full bloom you could feel the excitement around the city in places like Nakameguro and Yoyogi Park.  Here at the Imperial Palace you can rent a boat and paddle around in the Chidorigafuchi Moat.


Tokyo has a wide variety of nightlife options but our favourite are the record bars.  You can find rock’n’roll bars, punk bars, funk bars, jazz bars, and soul bars all across the city.  The first night in the city we came across Soul Sisters, a tiny place with great music and the best bar logo I’ve ever seen.


This is Mr. Haruaki on his ’65 Triumph 6T outside Be A Good Neighbor in Sendagaya.  Tokyo is not an early-rising city, so there are not many people out for breakfast before 8am.  lt’s nice to meet some locals and have a coffee and conversation in the quiet morning hours.  Mr. Haruaki was wearing head-to-toe Neighborhood, representing one of our favourite brands very well.


Blackmeans had their new collection on display and it certainly took their studded punk rock aesthetic to the next level.  These guys are making some really impressive pieces.  Look for some extra murdered out leather jackets at Haven this Fall.


The Neighborhood HQ in Shibuya is one of the coolest buildings in Tokyo.  We spent time looking at their FW15 collection, working on some upcoming projects, and later stopped by their Harajuku flagship store.


Little Cloud Coffee can be found inside Visvim’s 2nd floor Gyre Building location (don’t miss the Indigo Camping Trailer shop on the 3rd floor).  They keep the menu simple and Koji makes one of the best iced coffees in Tokyo.  It’s not cheap, but use the opportunity to sit on their terrace overlooking Omotesando, and you’ll find it worthwhile.


The Kurachika Yoshida Omotesando shop is Porter’s flagship store in Tokyo.  You can find a huge variety of Porter bags and watch craftsman hand-cut leather wallets and accessories through the window to the factory in the back of the shop.


We caught 2 shows at SO Gallery in Shibuya while we were in town.  The first was “Sprint”, an exhibition featuring artists Arran Gregory and Max Parsons, and the second was the “Captain Vinyl” popup shop by DJ Muro.  Crate digging is still alive with The King of Diggin’.


On our way to Yoyogi Station we came across this stand called Blauw Espresso.  Yo is the man behind the counter and makes some excellent coffee.  We’ll be back next time.


The Strangers are the rockabilly dance crew that holds it down every Sunday at Yoyogi Park.  We made it a point to stop by after checking out the hanami madness on the other side of the park.  What can I really say about this inspirational haircut?s-stussy

The best part of being in Tokyo is running into people out in the street.  The morning before we left, we went for coffee and ran into Shawn Stussy.  As a kid growing up in California there were few people as influential as Mr. Stussy.  His good taste and positive vibes are a great example for all of us.



Just like that and the sakura bloom was over.  Petals rained down on the Meguro River and, just a week after it started, hanami was over. Check back for part II of our trip, coming in a few weeks.

Photos & Words : Ryan Lindow (@ryanlindow)

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RECAP | visvim FW15 Trunk Show at HAVEN Vancouver

Last weekend, we once again had the privilege of hosting the visvim FW15 Trunk Show at our HAVEN Vancouver location. This season the team from Japan brought a large portion of the FW15 collection to Vancouver for our customers to see in person.  We’re excited to see some old visvim favourites return, as well as the introduction of some new soon to be favourites. The collection is looking as strong as ever and we thank all of our guests for stopping by. Below is a look at the HAVEN Vancouver space showcasing visvim.









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