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A visvim kinda day…

I had a bit of spare time on my trip to check out some new retail concepts in Tokyo. I’ve seen the Indigo Camping Trailer FIL store on the web but it was cool to check it out in person….I’m still trying to wrap my head around how they got the trailer onto the 3rd floor of the Gyre Shopping centre….

The flooring is amazing….the product too!

After checking out Indigo Camping Trailer, I went to Meguro to visit Kazuya at the visvim Tokyo head office and showroom….The entrance to the visvim vault….

What’s up Kazuya!!

Last month FIL Tokyo had some cobbler artisans come do a demonstration on their hand stitched good year welt technique. Looks incredibly labor intensive.

Check out the individual waxed and knotted hand stitching on the sole

Here’s some shots from around the showroom that was previously occupied by a rice factory.

Next seasons corduroy, fur lined earflap cap with felt smiley face…Next Level!

Stay tuned for visvim hitting our shops this upcoming fall.

- Arthur


April in Tokyo…

For a good chunk of April I was in Tokyo for the tail end of our AW2013 buying season. Tokyo is always a good time but exhausting as well, especially when you come 2-3 times a season! Two days of flying and 10 days on the ground is the usual schedule. The good thing is that In between all the endless meetings there’s always some free time to catch up with some good food, good laughs and good company.

One of the first orders of business was to hit up the SOPH. and Uniform Experiment AW2013 exhibition. The collections keep getting bigger and better. It’s always tough to edit down the collection for what works for us when everything looks good. We got some great pieces coming for next Fall that I’m sure everyone will be excited about.

Racks on Racks!

Can’t show much, but here’s something interesting….Paisley Printed Flannel Paneled Oxford!

After all the business is said and done there’s always time for beers and good food…. Before starting the night, Mitsuru had to pick up some stuff at Bridge.

Down the street from Bridge is a shop called ‘Wafflish Waffle’! Thought that was hilarious….only in Japan

We ended up hitting up some fancy industry opening party……

Mitsuru has the right idea…Free Booze, Time to go deep!

After a couple quick wobbly pops we bounced over to the Gyre to have Dinner with Nishizaki. The SOPH. guys always know the good spots.

Great Food at Honoji Izakaya in the Gyre Building on Omatesando.

The next day I met up with James from The New Order Magazine and we hit up the Native Sons exhibition.  For those still unfamiliar Native Sons is a joint collaboration between Tommy O’Gara (formerly of Dita) and Shinsuke Takizawa (NBHD).  Everything is ‘Mastercrafted’ in Japan with exceptional quality.

Can’t wait to wear these Salingers with the cross bar this upcoming summer….coming soon to HAVEN

Gold Mirror Lenses….damn!

Myself and Tommy, both sporting a couple new styles of sunnies that will be available shortly…

Finished off the day at Golden Brown, a Tokyo must!

more updates shortly…

- Arthur


HYPEBEAST interview on Value and the Canadian Retail Scene

The folks over at HYPEBEAST recently did an interview with me, regarding the business side of HAVEN. Thought I’d share it here with you guys in case you were interested in what makes HAVEN turn. Click the image or the link below to be taken to the article.

HYPEBEAST TRADE: Daniel Chmielewski of HAVEN on Value and the Canadian Retail Scene

HYPEBEAST TRADE: Daniel Chmielewski of HAVEN on Value and the Canadian Retail Scene


My Visit to the NEIGHBORHOOD AW13 Showroom

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Tokyo and had a chance to catch the NEIGHBORHOOD AW13 exhibition. The collection looked strong as always. Without giving away too much, here are a few shots from the visit.

Neighborhood got some custom soles!…

….AND some custom butterfly knife bottle openers! Be the boss of your next party when you whip this out to open your beer!

On my last few days in Tokyo I spent a lot of time wandering around and discovering new things on my own.. Here are some random shots.

Aoyama Cemetary. I was able to catch Hanami season.


This place called “On the Corner” which is on a quiet street in Shibuya is awesome! I wish they would open a coffee shop like this in Canada. I took a nice little break from walking here.

Apartment 1LDK is a cool concept space where you can grab a bite to eat and browse some lifestyle products. I took home these Stussy General Livin’ shampoos and body wash

And of course I had Standing Sushi Shibuya for my very last meal. Must-go if you have never been!






A few days ago, we had a visit from our friend SJ, who delighted us with a book called “LITTLE PEOPLE IN THE CITY, The street art of Slinkachu”. **This art book captured the evanescent existence of the diminutive in the great and troubling city, have all the power of Gulliver’s Travels to impose upon us a realization of the asinine pride we take in the mere fact of comparison.

**Quoted from Forward by Will Self

Here are some pictures that we’ve enjoyed.

Jesus saves – Cambridge Circus, London 2006

Scavengers – Finsbury Park, London 2008


A Visit to the Hender Scheme Offices in Tokyo

Last week the HAVEN buying team was in Tokyo for a couple of exhibitions. Among them was a new favourite to the shop, Hender Scheme. We took a trip over to the Hender Scheme offices in Setagaya, Tokyo and met with founder and designer Ryo Kashiwazaki. His “hommage” line of sneakers has been a very successful due to it’s design element of “growing” and aging more beautifully over time, which is in opposition to the image of sneakers that are usually worn in then thrown away.

Some of Hender Scheme’s sneakers after approximately two years of wear.

Ryo explained that this unique pen holder is on display the Tokyo museum of modern art and is modelled after the shoes Charlie Chaplin wore.

A Hender Scheme keychain made out of the sole of a shoe.

They also produce traditional Japanese houseware products such as this small coin collector.

Ryo Kashiwazaki, founder and designer.

More Tokyo updates soon!



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