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Easy Tiger

A few weeks ago everyone at the Haven Toronto shop decided to pay a little visit to our friends over at Easy Tiger on Dundas West. They were having an opening party and invited us to come celebrate the unveiling of this unique space they built for themselves. Besides having some of the most interesting grooming products and locally hand crafted goods that i’ve seen, they also know how to throw a great welcome party; good music, Philips Ice Pops, banh mi sandwiches, and the spiciest Mojitos ever!

Functional bar by night / Delicious gourmet drinks and edibles by day


It has real wormwood in it, but I wouldn’t try drinking it.

DJ Dice.

Hi Dice.


Congratulations and the biggest thanks to everyone at the shop! looking good over there! For more info on them check out

- Tim
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KINGYO Toronto- A new Japanese Izakaya to the city’s east end has,  as of the New Year,  become our new go-to for everything drink and food related. Located near our shop at 51 B Winchester Street (Cabbagetown) you can find any one of us (usually all of us) sharing pitchers of Sapporo and getting our Short Rib fix, amongst other amazing dishes (see: Tuna, Hamachi, Amaebi Sashimi Platter).

No detail too small, every aspect of this place has been thought out and executed meticulously.

Pachinko machines imported from Japan!

Crocodile drinking game of death…

Its not a HAVEN party without our favourite ‘biru’, Sapporo

Shori Imanishi’s tools of the trade, 2 generations deep and as sharp as the day it was forged.

One pour, two pour…. Shori keeping it coming with that Shochu

Hana Mugi Shochu!

‘Mr.Sada’s Sea Urchin Shooter’  topped with some gold.

We highly reccomend ordering the pork belly.

Famous “O-Sho Restaurant” Karaage with Magic Powder – Classic

A Big Kingyo Short Rib – Done to Perfection everytime! Mandatory.

Tuna, Hamachi, Amaebi Sashimi Platter – ‘Da-bess’


Koji and Shori

The ever wise Daisuke

Congrats guys!

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