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This time while I was in Japan I had a little bit of free time to be a tourist.  I’ve been to the Tsukiji fish market before but this time I was able to get a few pictures to document the trip. For those unfamiliar Tsukiji fish market is renowned as the world’s largest fish market. It’s just on the outskirts of Tokyo and everyday thousands of fishermen, sushi chefs and traders pile into the market to sell and trade. To see the really cool stuff you need to wake up and be at the market at 5AM, we got there a little later around 6AM but still saw a lot of action.

I bet these knives are better than anything you got at home.

Tuna chopped!

Rows and rows of Tuna brought in from sea and auctioned off everyday.

Uni is one of my favorite types of sushi.  It could taste like crap or it can taste amazing depending if you get the fresh stuff.  This looks good!

Blood in the streets

You see hundreds of these guys whizzing around on their motorized carts.  They don’t really care too much for tourists, so be careful because they will run you over.

Sushi for breakfast.  After checking out the market we visited one of the many sushi joints that surround the market. They get the freshest fish on the daily.  It was amazing!

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Some Recent Press

The amount of support we’ve received so far for our new Toronto location has been incredible. Here are a couple recent articles highlighting the new shop. Thanks to Design Lines Magazine and Chronicle magazine for reaching out.

CHRONICLE Magazine – “That Secret Store”

DESIGN LINE Magazine “Let’s Hear it for the Boys”

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