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I’ve been in Japan for the last 2 weeks. I just got back so I got a ton of updates to do.  Up first the WTAPS show.

Lamb Leather A-2 is a must!

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More from Tokyo

Here’s some more pictures from my trip to Tokyo a couple weeks ago. It was my first trip of the season out there to see Neighborhood, White Mountaineering and Undercover.

Went to the White Mountaineering press office to meet up with Thomas to see the new AW12/13 collection.

Thomas, his WM hoodie he’s wearing is crazy looking! You can see him in the latest WM runway show as he doubles for one of their models as well.

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns!

Up next Undercover, this set of Jackets are unreal! Every single one is a must for any Undercover fan.

Next season’s knit’s are really well done as well. Check out the F-U-C-K knit pattern, bonkers!

Ordering stuff from a color card! Not easy!

“The Avant-garde Eats Shits and Likes It” …..Hahaha!

Had some time to walk around and decided to cut through the gates of Harajuku…..BAD IDEA! Like a zoo!

I went to Nigo’s ‘Curry Up’ joint for the first time.  Pretty damn good, more of a Indian style curry as opposed to Japanese style curry.

Ran into Tomohiro, Yusuke and the NEXUSVII crew on the way out. Guy on the ground was hilarious.


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Neighborhood HQ

A day after the grand opening of the new shop I flew out to Tokyo direct from Toronto for a few quick exhibitions. In and out in 3 days! Up first was the Neighborhood exhibition. They just moved their headquarters to a new 4 story building in Shibuya. According to Shin they’ve been eagerly awaiting the completion of this building for almost 4 years. Damn! By far the nicest showroom in all of Tokyo. Here’s a small look inside…

It’s huge! Feels like a underground concrete bunker…

Kostas everywhere!

Neighborhood always does something crazy every season. Embroidered naked mermaid on the inside cuffs this time around….Crazy!

This is Shinsuke’s atelier that is setup on the top floor of the entire building. He’s got a ton of motorcycle memorabilia everywhere.

Yu Oka and Shinsuke

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